Touched the ladies room is entered immediately aware of the rooms are spacious and cute, pink bed covers, nostalgic titles, and draws attention to lila-pink decorations ..

16 Adet standart odalı Otelimizde 6 Adet Frenchbed ( Büyük yataklı ) 12 Adet Twinbed ( İki ayrı yataklı ) odamız mevcuttur. 6 Piece 16 Piece standard rooms in our hotel Frenchbed (big bed) 12 Piece Twinbed (two separate beds) rooms are available. 14 odamız balkonlu, 2 odamız balkonsuzdur. 14 rooms with balcony, 2 rooms balcony. Odalarımızın tümünde banyo, televizyon ve split klima mevcuttur. All of our rooms bathroom, television and air conditioning are available.

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